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Difficult Service Areas
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Providing Grease Trap Pumping and Interceptor Pumping in San Diego County is one of many services Diamond is pleased to provide its customers. Grease trap pumping and interceptor pumping services are critical maintenance requirements.

Believing it is a responsibility of all, Diamond partners with its customers to help protect not only the environment but the restaurant itself (the originator - establishment) as it can be held accountable and liable for long-term damages caused by improper disposal of trap grease and waste.

Accommodating 5000 to 50,000 Gallon Tanks

Municipal and other public owned treatment plants find it difficult to treat grease in the sewer system. The purpose of a grease trap is to keep the grease out of the sewers. Grease and solids removed from the grease traps are disposed of at a proper disposal site.

Diamond Environmental uses dedicated trucks to service grease traps. Truck size will depend on the size of the project. Smaller trucks are used for grease traps (grease inceptors) of less than 100 Gallons, while larger tanker trucks are used for larger establishments such as Casinos. In addition to pumping a grease trap, Diamond inspects traps for obvious damage and cleans the trap properly as needed and removes any remaining grease or solids from the trap.

Upon notification of completion of service, the owner / manager will receive a copy of the signed service ticket/manifest and any report of obvious damage or impediments to the operation of the trap will be given to the owner or manager on duty. Any reports of obvious damage or problems with the trap will, upon request, be sent to the customer’s corporate office along with a copy of the related service ticket.

For more information see: What Is Grease Trap?

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